About Us

We design and build the bridge between the traditional financial system and the blockchain world.

Company Profile

Unizon focuses on development teams in blockchain and open financial technology, specializing in DeFi protocol development, technical consulting services, and token economic model design. The team has many years’ experience in blockchain research and technology development, is committed to combining experience in financial industry with advanced technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, artificial intelligence and etc., creates DeFi agreements which can resolve the real financial needs of users on the mainstream blockchain infrastructure, and develops innovative open financial products and solutions.

Core Team

Meng Yan
Chief Strategy Officer

As the Deputy Dean of Digital Asset Research Institute, former vice president of CSDN, the world’s largest Chinese developer community, and former senior manager of IBM Greater China, he focuses on the research of token economy, digital assets and open finance, providing blockchain consulting and training services for companies such as Tencent, Lenovo, and Mercedes-Benz.

Wang Wei
Head of Product and Technology

As the senior architect in financial technology, he has designed and developed a number of products in DeFi protocols, transaction aggregation and data analysis. With twenty years of experience in financial technology, he once had led the development of the world's largest distributed bank core accounting system, and is the columnist of severial blockchain media.

Zhou Zhiqiang
Head of Investment Research

He focuses on DeFi and Web3.0 investment research, used to be an industry researcher in Hong Kong Singularity Financial, and has a solid understanding in various subdivisions of the blockchain. As a well-known DeFi lecturer in China, he has establishes an active DeFi community in China, named DeFi Master.